how to do pen tricks

how to do pen tricks

hello extremers! in this tutorial i will teach you how to do the sonic. sonic is a very recommended move, especially for those who are starting. because dominating sonic, it will open doors to learn many other techniques. which are based on this technique, which is sonic. let's learn! first, the characteristics of sonic: sonic is a move that you change position [23 - 12] or [34-23]. you can start either in position [23] or position [34].

if you are not understanding these numbers ... the fingers are numbered as: index [1], middle [2], ring [3], pinky [4], and thumb [t]. [t] stands for "thumb" in english. if the pen is between the fingers [1] and [2], we say position [12]. if it is between [2] and [3], [23]. [3] and [4], [34]. â sonic can start in position [34] or [23]. â and you will move the pen from the bottom to the top position. â i'll show you sonic [23-12].

â this is sonic. another feature of the sonic ... â it is that the tip will be heading towards the same direction. â do the sonic, and the tip will always be in that direction. â the pen does not change the direction. â unlike the fingerpass that does a half revolution with the pen. â but the sonic gives a complete 360⺠revolution. â ok! how are we going to make this move? â which is a bit different, it's a bit difficult to understand at first.

â when i was training this technique i had difficulty understanding. â how the hell does it spin, and the tip always keep the initial direction? â i'll explain in two steps: â 1 - swapping the fingers â 2 - the spin â in the finger swaping: â you will start at position [23]. is recommended to start at [23] because it is easier. â position [34] we will see later.

put the pen on [23] position. you will drop the pen. â and tap this side of the pen behind your finger [1] (index). â i hope i am being clear to you. â lower the pen, then tap the other side of the pen. "touch" is better to say. â and hold the pen between the finger [1] and finger [3]. â the finger [2] will shrink, go back and hold the pen in position [12]. â ok.

â don't try to be fast, first try slowly to switch the fingers. this tip will go down and the other side you will touch the back of the finger [1]. â so i will hold the pen on [13]. â then switch to [12]. â again, come down ... and change position. now if you try to do fast, you'll get the idea how to do the sonic. if you managed to do sonic, congratulations! if you could not, do not worry.

you still have the second step to learn. which is the "spin". and there are 2 ways to learn the fist spin. i will teach the first method. place the pen like this. press with finger [2] down. like so, with force. and the thumb holds the end point. thumb will release, you will take advantage of the momentum to make the first revolution.

if you're not getting it, try the following: the moment the thumb loosens the tip, when the tip comes down ... you will extend your fingers, try to leave the hand straight. you will let go ... and when the tip get down, extend your fingers. this way you'll be able to do the spin. with this exercise, you can learn the charge. charge it's another fundamental pen spinning movement. you can learn the charge by this method. but we are here to learn sonic, forget the charge.

if you have not been able to spin yet, there is another technique. another method to learn. you will position in position [23], tilt your fingers 90⺠from the palm. you will lift this tip, get it down and when it reaches down, extend your fingers. it is the same rule as the previous method. the difference is that you will not use your thumb. this way you will not depend on the thumb. i recommend training by this method. to train sonic or charge.

come down ... when the pen is almost touching the little finger, you reach out your fingers. and if you do it fast, you'll get the idea of it. okay! now let's combine the "spin" with the "finger swapping." you will make the spin and then switch your fingers. resulting in sonic. you will lower your finger and when the pen almost touches the little finger... you will extend it and then switch your fingers. did you see it?

i'll show the move again. you're going down and when it gets near the pinky, change your finger. you will hit the back of the fingertip [1]. go down > hit > hold lock in position [13]. and then place your finger [2] underneath. again. go down... extend, and change your finger.

down... extend... finger exchange. you can do it slowly. i recommend doing it slowly. to train your muscle memory. like walking on a bicycle. you repeat the movement several times, and once learned, you will never forget. so let your brain learn and have sonic's muscle memory.

then train slowly. go down, and when the pen comes down, change your fingers. down, extends and swaps fingers. go down, extends and swaps fingers. and if you gain speed, you will master the sonic. nice! this is sonic. now i'm going to mirror the video. in position [23], you will first try to "swap fingers". i recommend starting to train by "swapping the fingers" before learning the "spin".

you will lower your pen. slowly... you'll hit this part on the back of the index finger. hold the pen [13]. finger [2] will go down and get underneath. let's move the pen in position [23] to position [12] (sonic [23-12]). lower the pen, put your index finger. hold between the index finger and middle finger [13]. and put your finger [2] like this.

go down, place the index finger [1], and the middle finger [2] holds. come down and catch ... ok! now let's learn the "spin". first method to learn spin: hold it in your hand. apply force with finger [2]. thumb [t] will hold the tip of the pen. then let it go. enjoy the momentum and try to make the spin.

if you can not catch the spin with this method, there is the second method. position in position [23] and tilt your fingers 90⺠from the palm. lift the tip. the tip will come down. and when the tip comes close to the little finger. you hold out your fingers very fast. lower and extend your fingers. if you repeat this exercise several times, you go one hour to get the spin. now you will combine the back with the finger swap.

you will change your fingers and at the same time make the spin. you will go down and when the pen is almost reaching the little finger, you will extend. and the moment you extend your fingers you will change the pen to position. extend the index finger [1] and fasten with the ring finger [3]. the finger [2] will come from below and hold the pen in [12]. i'll say it again. when the tip almost touches the little finger, you extend and change your fingers. try to tap the pen on the back of the index finger. and switch.

i hope it's being crystal clear. i believe this methodology is the best way for you to learn sonic. go down, when you get down there. hold the pen between your finger [1] and [3]. the spin will continue and you will place your finger [2] underneath. and if you do it repeatedly, you'll learn how to do sonic. now let's learn the sonic from position [34] to [23]. sonic [34-23]. this is a little more difficult because of the lack of control in the pen with the pinky and ring finger.

these are the most difficult fingers to control. especially when it's time to do the charge. but the methodology is the same as sonic [23-12]. position in [34], apply force with [3]. hold the pen tip with [t]. apply force, then release the thumb [t]. get the momentum and do the spin. and the moment the tip comes down. extend your fingers and then the exchange.

the pen will hit the back of the finger [2] and hold in position [24]. then put your finger [3]. repeat this movement until you can make the finger switch with the spin. and that's sonic [34-23]. i'll mirror the video. set to position [34]. apply force with ring finger [3]. secure with your thumb [t]. thumb loose, and you take advantage of that momentum.

tap the back of your finger [2] on the pen. hold and swap your fingers. get down, clamp and swap your finger. and try to make the spin. and this is sonic. now i'm going to teach you how to do sonic rise. sonic rise is the link of sonic [34-23] with sonic [23-12]. start at the bottom and go up with 2 sonic without crashing. and this was sonic's tutorial.

thank you very much for watching this tutorial. do not forget to comment and give a like in the video. and sign up for the worldxm channel. i'll see you guys in the next tutorial, bye! - for more pen spinning info