ejackulation problems

ejackulation problems

in the next few minutes i'm going to showyou how you can overcome delayed ejaculation and become the man you really want to be inbed. to start with, it's important to understandthat delayed ejaculation is a very normal and natural problem - it affects about oneman in 12 - so you certainly don't need to feel any shame about it. now i know that's easy to say, and if youfind it very difficult to reach the point of ejaculation during lovemaking it mightbe that of a problem for both you and your partner. she's probably not going to be too happy aboutit, and for that matter, you're probably not

completely satisfied with your performancein bed either! you see, one of the things i get from theman i talk to with delayed ejaculation is that this problem can make them feel reallyinadequate in bed. there they are, putting in a lot of effortto try and give their partner pleasure, and not ejaculating themselves, yet she's probablynot getting any satisfaction, and the man's not achieving orgasm either. of course the opposite is true as well - ifyou're a man who can ejaculate on demand during intercourse, a man who has control and choiceover when he comes during sex, it can make you feel like a really powerful man in bed.and, for that matter, out of bed as well.

so being able to control your ejaculationin bed, overcoming delayed ejaculation, is really important for many reasons. not only will it make you feel much betteras a man, much more powerful, much more masculine, but it will also improve your relationshipbecause your partner will be sexually satisfied, she won't have any doubts that she's sexuallyattractive, and she'll feel much more loving andintimate towards you. that's one of the big things that happenswith delayed ejaculation: it drives a couple further and further apart as time goes by. neither the man or woman knows quite whatto do about it, and so the situation drags

on usually without either partner talkingto the other about it, but each feeling some powerful emotions -- usually negative oneslike shame, anger, resentment or guilt. sometimes a man actually prefers to have sexwith himself, on his own, than to have sex with his partner. that's very characteristicof some men with delayed ejaculation -- so one of the main approaches of my treatmentprogram is to show you how you can get over that and actually enjoy making love to yourpartner. but of course it isn't just about enjoyingsex - it's actually about reaching orgasm and ejaculating in a reasonable time, withouthaving to put a huge amount of effort in. now please don't be misled by the fact thatmany women will pretend that delayed ejaculation

doesn't matter. the truth is that it matters a great deal,so for both your own sake and sake of your relationship, it's well worth buying the treatmentprogram and sorting out the problem. obviously if there's an issue of having children, thensorting out delayed ejaculation is absolutely essential. but for the majority of men curing delayedejaculation is much more about having a good life, both in bed and out of it. and making love to your partner doesn't meanyou can't enjoy solo pleasure or masturbation. of course you can.this is just about adding another way of getting

sexual pleasure that's pleasurable and physicallyfulfilling for both of you, and emotionally satisfying so that it improves the qualityof your relationship. at the moment that might be hard to imagine,particularly if you're finding it very difficult to ejaculate during intercourse. but, believe me, it's entirely possible tomake these changes at home, in privacy, without takingmedication, without seeing a doctor, and without seeing any kind of counselor or therapist. so how does it work? well, the answer to that is simple. how youdeal with your delayed ejaculation will depend

on what's causing it. for example if the cause lies in a masturbationtechnique that uses a lot of speed and pressure, then your delayed ejaculation may well becaused by the fact that your body is somehow desensitised to sexual stimulation. more accurately, you never get the level ofstimulation during intercourse that you will during masturbation -- which means that younever reach orgasm and ejaculate during intercourse. so here the solution is about retraining yourbody to respond to a gentler, softer kind of stimulation - the sort of stimulation youget during intercourse or oral sex. it's easy enough to do this, and there aretwo main approaches to the solution.

the first is to lower your ejaculatory threshold,commonly known as the point of no return - that's to say, the point at which you know you'llejaculate, the point at which your body's had enough stimulation to trigger the reflexreaction of ejaculation. the good news is, there are a lot of thingsyou can do physically to reduce the level of sexual stimulation that's needed for youto reach the point of no return. but the other thing you can do is to "train"your body to be much more sensitive to sexual stimulation of all kinds. and that means you will then be able to reachthe point of no return much more easily whether that's during masturbation, intercourse, ororal pleasure.

you'll be amazed how quickly and how easilyyou can sensitise your body to sexual stimulation so that reaching the point of orgasm and ejaculationbecomes much easier. now if the cause of your delayed ejaculationis a little bit more complicated than that - say for example it's a combination of emotionaland physical factors, or perhaps even some psychological issues - then the first thingto do is to look at how delayed ejaculation can emerge out of your sexual experience,and why it sometimes seems insurmountable. the truth is, delayed ejaculation is neverinsurmountable. there's always a solution -- always. and if you know a little bit aboutthe causes of delayed ejaculation then it makes solving the problem so much easier.

and in this treatment program you will findall the information you need to explain just about every cause of delayed ejaculation thereis. you'll find information that will help you deal with all those issues quickly, simplyand effectively. in particular if there's anything going onbetween you and your partner -- i mean anything that's causing the delayed ejaculation oris caused by the delayed ejaculation - then you'll find all the information you need toresolve those issues and establish a relationship in which you'll not only be able to enjoygreat sex, but also to have a much better relationship. one that you really value beingin, one that lets you enjoy really great sex ....without any trouble whatsoever.

now those are big claims, and if you've beenstruggling for a while with delayed ejaculation, the knowledge that you can actually do somethingabout it, in privacy, at home, may come as a huge relief. one of the questions that i'm often askedis whether or not you need a partner to use my treatment program. the first part of the program is all aboutthe background to delayed ejaculation and what you can do aboutthat -- so that's things like retraining your body to respond more rapidly to lower levelsof sexual stimulation, understanding the causes of delayed ejaculation, and reframing thebeliefs you hold about sex -- and you can

do all this on your own. in fact that getsyou a very long way towards finding a solution. but you do need the co-operation of a sexualpartner to use the material that makes up the second part ofthe treatment program. you don't need a regular partner, just someone who's willing to dothe exercises with you - and the good thing about them is that they're both fun and enjoyable....there's nothing complicated, and they will give you a whole new perspective on lovemakingand how enjoyable sex can be. after all, few things are more satisfyingthan making love to an aroused woman, particularly when you're highly aroused yourself, and reachingthe pleasure of orgasm ejaculation during lovemaking.

and no matter how you feel about that at themoment, things can change. indeed, if you use my program,things will change. your sex life is never going to be the same again - it's going tobe a thousand times better! all you need to make this treatment programwork for you is enough motivation to want to improve your level of sexual pleasure,and a commitment to a certain amount of time each week for a few weeks. and generally that'sno more than half an hour two or three times a week. you're about to go on an exciting journey,a journey which is going to increase the amount

of sexual pleasure you get many, many times.a journey that's going to take you on the road to a much more rewarding and intimaterelationship. a journey that's going to give you a real sense of powerful masculinity.a journey where the destination is being able to reach orgasm ejaculate easily during intercourse. i wish you well on that journey. if you haveany questions at any time you can send them to me by e-mail, so you will be supportedas you take this exciting journey. there's no time like the present, and rightnow you can get this successful program by clicking on the link at the top of the right-handcolumn of this page. good luck, and please let me know how youget on. i love to hear success stories from

men who've overcome delayed ejaculation andhow doing so has improved their lives way beyond anything they could ever have imaginedbefore they looked for a solution. you'll find the link at the top of the right handcolumn of this page.