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easy vape

how’s it going everyone? max here from australian vaporizers and welcometo our volcano buyer’s guide. so you’re thinking about going for a high-endvape (and it doesn’t really get much better than the volcano) but you’re confused byall the options? well a lot of people have trouble decidingon a volcano package and with due cause. digital vs classic; solid valve vs easy valve? hopefully this video makes the decision abit easier for you. now, first thing’s first, the base unit;classic or digital? the difference here is, for the most part,fairly simple.

the first and probably the most obvious differenceis temperature control. the classic is the basic analogue versionwith a temperature dial, whereas the digit has digital temp control via the lcd screenon the front. bear in mind that the numbers on classic’sdial do correspond to specific temperatures. storz & bickel include a temperature guidewith the unit so as long as you’re careful to follow this, you won’t have any problemsgetting great results. the second difference is that the digit shutsoff automatically after 30 minutes whereas the classic doesn’t. if you’re particularly forgetful then thismight be a handy feature.

the next difference is that the digit’stemperature fluctuates a little less than the classic’s. by about 3.5 degrees celcius to be exact. it’s nothing that the average user willnotice but still something to keep in mind. the price is probably the biggest decidingfactor for most customers and of course the digital version is more expensive the last and arguably the least importantdifference is that the classic volcano uses switches for power and air pump control whereasthe digit uses push buttons it’s a common misconception that the classichas a lower fault rate than the digit however

from my experience i’ve found both unitsto be extremely reliable, especially in comparison to most other desktop vapes. i’ll finish this section by saying that,apart from all of these differences, performance between the two is almost identical. if you closed your eyes and had a draw fromeach, you’d be hard pressed telling them apart. the deciding factor will depend on your ownindividual needs. moving on to the valve sets. these are a little bit trickier to explainbut i’ll try my best.

to put things as simply as possible, the easyvalve starter set comes with 5 preassembled, disposable balloons. each one has its own valve and mouthpiece. the solid valve starter set on the other handcomes with a single valve as well as some balloon tubing that needs to be attached andsealed manually. it does come with one balloon pre-attachedthough. moving on to the filling chamber. as you can see here they’re quite differentbetween the two systems. this is the easy valve chamber; it’s widerand shallower which means better heat distribution.

for this reason, it doesn’t need an insertto press the herb down like the one that’s included with the solid valve chamber here. instead it’s just got a screw cap whichmakes it a bit quicker to load. the easy valve chamber also clips on to thetop of the volcano unit with these little feet. the solid valve version just sits on top ofan o-ring, making a seal with its own weight. it tends to be a bit more prone to leakagebecause of this. if you’re going to be using the volcanowith friends, then the easy valve is definitely your best bet.

the fact that it comes with multiple valveassemblies means you can have a few bags going at once. just take them out of the box and fill themup one by one. maintenance for the solid valve system isa lot more involved. the valve and mouthpiece need to be takenapart and cleaned every so often and the balloons can be a bit of a pain to attach. it does get a whole lot easier with practicebut if you’re not careful you could end up with a vapour leak. my next point is comfort.

it’s not exactly the be all and end allfor most people but it’s worth mentioning that the solid valve assembly and mouthpieceare much heavier and bulkier than the easy valve. one of the main benefits of the solid valvesystem is that you can cut the balloons to whatever size you like. i’ve heard some pretty cool stories about3 meter balloons and the like. the easy valve starter set comes with 2ftballoons but if you’re after a longer option there are 3ft replacement sets available. that brings me to my last point which is replacements.

solid valve balloons are significantly cheaperto replace as you’re just buying the balloon material rather than the whole assembly. just to give you an idea; with average use,a balloon should last you between 1 and 3 months. each starter set comes with the equivalentof 5x 2ft balloons so as long as you’re careful with them they should keep you goingfor the best part of a year. overall, if price isn’t an issue the volcanodigit is definitely a winner between the two base units but the starter sets are more ofa personal preference thing. i’m not going to sit here and say that onevalve is better than the other because there’re

some big trade-offs to consider. if you’re going to be using the volcanoheavily, like multiple times per day and you don’t mind tinkering around a bit as wellas cleaning the parts then the solid valve might be worthwhile. just bear in mind that vapour leakage doesseem to be a common problem. if you’re after a no-fuss solution thatjust works no matter what and if you’re planning on vaping with other people at somestage, then the easy valve system is definitely the way to go. most people i’ve spoken to over the yearsdon’t go through balloons quick enough to

warrant going for the solid valve but hey,each to his own. i personally use the easy valve but then againi work for a vape store so economy isn’t really my main concern. at the end of the day, the starter sets areavailable separately so you’re certainly not committed to one system or the other. at any rate, i hope this video’s made thingsa bit easier for you. if you already own a volcano, let us knowwhich system you’re using and as always your questions and comments are more thanwelcome. if you enjoyed this video don’t forget tolike and subscribe.

this is max from australian vaporizers, havea good one guys.